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You’re invited to our worship service this Sunday, 11am at the Hyatt Place Hotel.

To those who aren’t sure what they believe just yet,

To put it simply: You’re welcome here.  If you’re not sure who God and Jesus are this is a place where you can take time to think about what you want to believe.  We’re not asking you to check your brain at the door…

To those burnt by past church experiences,

If you’ve been burnt by past church experiences, we just want you to know we understand.  Sadly this happens to many folks.  We are a church with genuine people who are real about their shortcomings, who care about one another…

Imagine being used by God to touch lives.

You were crafted with a purpose.  Your passions, abilities, and experiences uniquely qualify you for a specific role in the kingdom of God.  Come, catch the vision, and grow with us.  When you become a part of Capital City Grace….