Our Story

In November 2014 we had our grand opening at Grandview Yard at the Hyatt Place Hotel, with a desire to see people from the Columbus-area come to worship God through Jesus.  Capital City Grace Church was started by four families in 2009 with a focus on worshiping in and serving downtown Columbus.  Larry Totzke and Eric Miller served as Co-Pastors during this time.

In the spring of 2014 Larry Totzke passed the leadership baton to Eric Miller as Lead Pastor, and Larry serves as the Associate Pastor.  With Eric becoming the Lead Pastor, the church voted on the new vision to focus our efforts in the Grandview Heights area.  That new vision included moving the church a few miles west to Grandview Yard where we’ve been meeting since the summer of 2014.  We understand many people in Columbus commute to church, no matter where they live.  With this in mind our focus is to mainly reach the people in our lives whether we live 20 minutes away from Grandview Heights or if we live in Grandview.  It’s our main desire to see people walking their talk no matter where they live and work in the Columbus area. We care for each other and welcome people from all walks of life.  We’re following the same God who has been faithful to us in the past and He’ll continue to be faithful in the future as we build on this vision.

Eric and Julie Miller with their sons, Jaden and Mayson.


Eric Miller

Lead Pastor

Eric and Julie Miller, both native Ohioans, have lived in the Short North neighborhood of Columbus since 2008.  Eric is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute and has been the Lead Pastor of Capital City Grace since 2014 after helping start the church as a Co-Pastor with Larry and Sylvia Totzke.  He is also a part-time graphic designer with Mission Creative Co.  Julie has a Master of Social Work degree from OSU and worked at Communities in Schools, helping with families who are at risk of becoming homeless.  She now serves as Capital City Grace’s Children’s Ministry director and is a stay-at-home mom with their sons Jaden and Mayson.

Core Team

Capital City Grace is guided by a leadership team we call the core team.  The team is made up of eight godly men and women, including the Lead Pastor, who all seek God together to make decisions about the overall direction of the church.

Come Grow with Us

You were crafted with a purpose.  Your passions, abilities, and experiences uniquely qualify you for a specific role in the kingdom of God.  Capital City Grace Church is a place where you can use your abilities to touch other lives for God’s kingdom.  No matter where you are on your spiritual journey we have a place for you to belong and contribute.  When you become a part of Capital City Grace, we’ll help you find what that is.

We plan to grow.  We plan to grow our worship service, our children’s ministry, add mid-week activities and ways to serve our community.  You can be a part of our growth! Imagine being part of a church where you can grow closer to God while being used by Him to touch lives.  It does not take a lot of extra time out of your week to be part of our growth.  We’re all busy people, yet it’s amazing what actual little time it takes when we all do our part.  This is where we are right now in our growth, and we’re excited about where we’re headed.  Come, catch the vision, and grow with us.  Together, there is no limit to what God can do through us.

Our Mission

Pursuing Christ Together

Whether we know it or not we are all on a pursuit.  No matter what a person’s spiritual beliefs, or if they attend church or not, each person is pursuing something.  Jesus came to earth and told his disciples and thereby tells us to follow him (John 1:43).  In other words, he’s telling us to pursue him.  To pursue and enjoy a relationship with the Savior of the World, Jesus Christ.  As we place trust in Him it’s in the pursuit we discover He is the hope for a fresh start, forgives us, so we can experience contentment in knowing God.

Pursuing Christ is not meant to be done alone. We are meant to be a part of other believer’s lives to encourage and serve one another in our pursuit of Christ.  That community is found within Jesus’ church.  We’re to pursue Christ together with other believers, and see people who don’t yet know him come to follow after him.  We put it simply in three words:  Pursuing Christ Together.

Our Values

  • Gathering to Jesus

    It’s our desire to connect with people in our lives and pray for them, connect with them and gather them to Jesus, so they will have the opportunity to follow Him if they so choose.

  • Growing in Jesus

    It’s important to us to see each individual grow in their personal relationship with Jesus, as well as us as a church growing numerically seeing more and more people come to follow Jesus.

  • Going with Jesus

    Living on mission in our daily lives.  Jesus gave believers the Great Commission to “go and make disciples” of him.  He doesn’t expect us to do this alone.  He said he will be “with us always” (Matt. 28) as we are living on mission with Him.  Therefore, we say we are going with Jesus on mission.

What Kind of Church Are We?

Capital City Grace Church is a Grace Brethren Church part of the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches.