“‘This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me; [7] in vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.’” – Mark 7:6-7

What do you think of traditions? Are religious traditions good or bad? Does Jesus want us to keep traditions or not? Jesus encountered religious people who were great at keeping their traditions. They thought by doing the outward religious actions they were closer to God than those who did not keep the traditions. We might look at them and think, “How could they be so foolish to rely on their traditions? I would never do that.” But they were essentially wanting to keep outward appearances. They wanted to look godly, but in their hearts were not godly. That can hit home with us in our world today. Many people try to clean up their language, attend church, give to missions and do all of the good outward actions, while their hearts are far from God. Attending church, giving and participating in missions are obviously great, but God wants our hearts to be in it. We see this in the passage above. He tells those who are just keeping the outward appearance that their “heart is far from me.” We want to be people whose hearts are always close to God and allowing Him to work on our hearts, so our motives, and therefore outward actions, honor Him. Do you need a heart check? Do you need God to search your heart, so you can deal with anything He may reveal to you? This Sunday as we continue our message series “What a Relationship with Jesus Really Looks Like,” let Mark chapter 7 speak to your heart, so you can grow even closer to Him. Join us Sunday, 11am at Hyatt Place Hotel.

Alive: How Jesus’ Life Changes Yours

 “But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us…made us alive together with Christ…” Ephesians 2:4, 5

On that first Easter Sunday morning Jesus walked out of the tomb. In rising again from the dead He became the Victor over death. Did you know He didn’t just gain victory over death for Himself? He didn’t do it only to show the world that He is God. He came alive for us; for you and for me! If He had stayed dead we would have no faith and no hope of forgiveness, to experience His power in this life, and live with God in eternity. Because Jesus triumphed over death those who trust in Him can experience new life! You, too, can be alive! How can we experience this new life in the here-and-now 2,000 years after Jesus rose from the dead? The book of Ephesians says God, “made us alive together with Christ.” What does that mean and how can we walk in this newness of life each day? In our worship service on Easter Sunday we’ll look into this truth and discover how Jesus’ resurrected life changes our lives today. Join us at 11am, Sunday, March 27th for our Easter Worship Service at Hyatt Place Hotel.

He Is Alive!

Eric Miller


WE ARE FAMILY: Current Sunday Message Series

We Are Family.001

We at Capital City Grace consider each other family. It’s our goal to treat everyone in the church like family, because Jesus’ church is the family of God. This series is taking a look what we value at Capital City Grace. This three week series will take one Sunday to focus on one of our three values. Our values are what we aim for and celebrate as a church. Our values are:


It’s our desire to connect with people in our lives and pray for them, connect with them and gather them to Jesus, so they will have the opportunity to follow Him if they so choose.


It’s important to us to see each individual grow in their personal relationship with Jesus, as well as us as a church growing numerically seeing more and more people come to follow Jesus.


Living on mission in our daily lives.  Jesus gave believers the Great Commission to “go and make disciples” of him.  He doesn’t expect us to do this alone.  He said he will be “with us always” (Matt. 28) as we are living on mission with Him.  Therefore, we say we are going with Jesus on mission.

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