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One Year (or 1-2 Semesters) Contract with the Possibility to Renew

We are a relatively new and diverse church near downtown Columbus looking for a part-time Worship Leader to lead us during our Sunday morning worship service. We are a church that started with only 8 people a few years ago and have grown to 35 – 45 people and are growing to the next level.

This position would require picking out the songs, practicing with our vocalists before the service, and leading in the service.  It would only require 3 hours each Sunday to be at our worship location (from 10am – 1pm approx.), and however much time it takes you to pick out the songs and rehearse on your own during the week. It would not require any mid-week practice times with our team. We currently have a few vocalists, with the hope to add musicians as the church grows. If you enjoy worshiping to songs by Hillsong United, Jesus Culture, Rend Collective and Passion then you might be a fit for our worship ministry. You will get good experience leading worship in an authentic, contemporary worship atmosphere and you will experience being part of a new church.


  • Song selection – Email song lineup and verse/chorus order to our pastor during each week.
  • Leading Sunday worship team rehearsals before worship service.
  • Lead worship in our worship service Sundays, from 10am – 1pm (covers set up, practice time, to end of worship service).
  • Provide an energetic, contemporary worship experience.


  • This is a paid contract, with the possibility to renew after the year.
  • Total of 4 hours each week (1 hour prep during week, 3 hours at worship service)
  • We also welcome college students to apply. College students can commit to on or two semesters, with the possibility to renew.


If interested call, email, or fill out the form below.

Eric Miller (Lead Pastor)

Email: eric@capitalcitygrace.com

Phone: 614-625-1384


If you know someone who you think would be good for this position, please share this page with them. Help us spread the word. Thank you!


“Life of Joy” Sunday Message Series

How do you act when you have your plans for life all laid out and then a wrench is thrown into your plans? What do we do when God is the one who threw the wrench? Maybe you planned to be married by this stage of life and you’re not married yet. Or maybe you planned to have kids by now and you don’t have them yet. Maybe you are looking for a job and no potential employers are returning your calls. What are we to do?

“Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice.” – Philippians 4:4

The Apostle Paul, as godly as he was, had his plans thwarted. Everything did not go as planned for Paul. He was beaten, imprisoned and eventually killed for preaching the gospel. Through all of his hardships he had a deep joy that no amount of suffering could touch. He had a suffering life, yet he had a joyful life! How can we live the life of joy, especially when things don’t go our way? During one of Paul’s many imprisonments he writes, “To live is Christ, to die is gain” (Phi. 1:21). This is a classic verse and a window into Paul’s thinking. When we pursue Christ His joy grows in us more and more. Do you want to be a person of joy? I hope so. Through the book of Philippians we will see how to grow in joy. Join us this Sunday, 11am at Hyatt Place Hotel as we continue this series going through the book of Philippians and learning together how to live the life of joy!

For Your Joy,



What a Relationship with God Really Looks Like

Often times we can tend to think that a godly person always has it all together – never has to cry out to God, always hears God’s voice, and always feels close to God.  Based on the Psalms this is just not true.  This summer our Sunday morning messages have been geared around the Book of Psalms. Through faith in Christ you can have a relationship with God, yet we all through different seasons in our relationship with God. We’ve had a great time learning what a relationship with God really looks like. Based on the Psalms here are a few aspects of a relationship with God:

  • You regularly feed yourself the Word of God. – Ps 1
  • You will feel like God has forgotten you. (Note: He hasn’t.) – Ps 13:1
  • You find contentment when close to Him. – Ps 23:1
  • You delight yourself in Him…even when you don’t feel like it. – Ps 37:4
  • Even when you’re close to God you may get spiritually depressed. – Ps 42:5
  • You quiet yourself before God on a regular basis. – Ps 46:10
  • You confess your sins to Him and He cleanses your heart. – Ps. 51:10
  • You tell God your “ugly thoughts,” including the resentful feelings you have towards others. – Ps 109
  • You realize more and more your life is about God, not you. – Ps. 115:1
  • You come to love the Word of God and see your need for it. – Ps 119
  • A lot of waiting on God is involved. – Ps 130

Sounds pretty real doesn’t it?  Are these true of your walk with God? These are just a few aspects of a relationship with God the Book of Psalms addresses.  Dig into the Psalms and discover more.  This Sunday we’ll continue with Psalm 130 about waiting on God and needing His forgiveness and mercy.

By His Grace,