Our Mission 

Our mission is to glorify God by following Jesus, loving others, and serving our city.

We have chosen to follow Jesus because He:

  • Became God in human form
  • Is the best example in all of human history to pattern our lives after
  • Demonstrated how we can best love and care for those around us
  • Offers us refuge and hope in times when we are struggling,
  • Paid the ultimate price so that we have the assurance of spending eternity with God.

Our Vision

Our vision is to plant a seedling in the heart of the city of Columbus, Ohio that grows and develops into a giant oak tree, providing beauty, shade, shelter, and sustenance to those who gather under its branches.

We want to see God multiply that oak through its own seedlings who grow into giant oaks throughout the greater Columbus metropolitan area and beyond.

We envision Capital City Grace becoming an oak that:

  • is physically rooted in our city and spiritually rooted in God’s Word
  • whose beauty brings great joy to those it serves
  • provides shelter from the storms of life
  • provides shade from the heat of the encounters we face in life
  • provides nourishment in the form of living water and daily bread, and
  • is a place where each member is a branch growing out from the trunk and produces leaves and fruit.

Our Values

Our values are firmly rooted in our corporate and personal relationship with Jesus Christ as taught in the Bible. The tree, as seen in our logo, is our church, which grows out of those roots and draws nourishment and strength from them.  The main branches that grow out from the trunk are our key values of Worship, Truth, Community, Growth, and Service. Everything we are and do sprouts from one of these branches.


We focus upward and gaze upon God through a variety of means of worship when we are gathered as a group and with our individual lives, because of who God is and what he has done for us.


People, all kinds of people, are our priority because they are unique and special to God. We desire to be united in Christ, growing deeper in him and closer to one another. We seek to build loving relationships with those who have not yet decided to follow Jesus in order that they may hear the message he has for them.


We are rooted in the truth of the Bible and its central character, Jesus Christ, who himself, is truth. We believe that the Bible is the actual word of God to the human race, and we subscribe to a worldview that is God-centered and directed. We align ourselves with the Statement of Faith of the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches.


We seek to serve our city and those who live here because we have a responsibility to make it a better place to live. We especially strive to meet the needs of those who are less fortunate (the poor, the sick, those with dysfunctional families, etc.).


We believe in life transformation — a supernatural movement towards becoming all that God wants us to be as demonstrated by the life of Jesus. We strive to multiply disciples, leaders, and churches. We value “GlobaLocal” sending to reach pockets of people in urban Columbus and all over the world.

Our Story…

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