To Those Who Aren’t Sure What They Believe Just Yet

To those who aren’t sure what to believe,

To put it simply: You’re welcome here.  If you’re not sure who God and Jesus are this is a place where you can take time to think about what you want to believe.  We’re not asking you to check your brain at the door.  We offer a non-judgmental atmosphere where you can investigate the faith as you hear the Word of God taught.  It’s our hope you’ll experience a welcoming community of believers and others like yourself who are discovering what they believe. We are not out to force people into a quick decision. We invite you to decide for yourself on your timetable.

To those burnt by past church experiences,

If you’ve been burnt by bad church experiences in the past, and have been away from a church family altogether, we understand. Sadly this happens to many folks. There are those at Capital City Grace who have had bad church experiences at other churches, but thankfully got back into church and found healing. They’ve since built strong friendships with fellow believers and are seeing their walk with God flourish. We are not the perfect church, because churches (all churches) are made up of imperfect people.  However, we are a healthy church.  We are a church with spiritually healthy leadership, genuine people who are real about their shortcomings, and who care about one another.  It’s said of us that people feel like family here. We hope you’ll visit us, realize you’re not alone, and re-connect with Jesus’ family – the church.




Have you become used to the Christmas story? Do you feel like you’ve heard the story of the manger, the baby, the wise men and the shepherds over and over so many times throughout the years that the most wonderful story of all seems to have lost it’s wonder on you? You may be thankful to God for the gift of His Son, but you read the story and you know what happens, therefore, the awe of the true meaning of Christmas isn’t there in your heart. We say things like, “Kids still have the magic, or wonder of Christmas, but the wonder goes away once you grow up.” There is truth to that, but since God did the impossible by coming to earth and walked among us I believe it’s also possible to recapture the awe of Christmas. But how do we recapture it?
On these three Sundays in December I’m not going to tell you some new story you’ve never heard before. Rather, through this message series each Sunday we are going to look into the Christmas story by stopping at the manger to adore the newborn King. Did you catch that? We’re going to stop. I love everything we do around the Christmas season, but I can become so busy during this time of year with good things like celebrating with family and friends that I drive quickly past the manger. We can tend to treat the manger like a fast food drive through wanting to cram down our spiritual food and hurry on to what’s next on the holiday agenda. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to rush past the manger this year. I want to stop. Do you want to stop? I want us to reflect in God’s Word, worship with Christmas songs, and adore the God who came to live among us. I believe when we stop and look upon King Jesus we’ll be in wonder all over again.

That’s what we hope to accomplish this Christmas season in these worship services. Whether you’re used to the story, feel caught up in the hustle and bustle, or are hurting this Christmas season I hope you’ll come, stop to worship the newborn King. Call me crazy, but I believe it’s possible to not be pushed by the hustle of the holidays. It’s possible to have a truly wonder-filled Christmas this year, when we savor the richness of the greatest story ever. Below are the message topics we’re covering each Sunday. I hope you’ll join us for one or all of these Sundays.

O, come let us adore Him!

Worship Service

Sundays, 11am, at Hyatt Place Hotel at Grandview Yard
795 Yard St, Columbus, OH 43212

Message Titles

  • Dec. 6 – “The Wonder of Immanuel: God Walked Among Us”
  • Dec. 13 – “When It’s Not Such a Wonderful Life”
  • Dec 20 – “The Wonder of the Gift: Hope When Life Seems Hopeless” – Our Christmas Service!

More About Our Worship Service

“Life of Joy” Sunday Message Series

How do you act when you have your plans for life all laid out and then a wrench is thrown into your plans? What do we do when God is the one who threw the wrench? Maybe you planned to be married by this stage of life and you’re not married yet. Or maybe you planned to have kids by now and you don’t have them yet. Maybe you are looking for a job and no potential employers are returning your calls. What are we to do?

“Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice.” – Philippians 4:4

The Apostle Paul, as godly as he was, had his plans thwarted. Everything did not go as planned for Paul. He was beaten, imprisoned and eventually killed for preaching the gospel. Through all of his hardships he had a deep joy that no amount of suffering could touch. He had a suffering life, yet he had a joyful life! How can we live the life of joy, especially when things don’t go our way? During one of Paul’s many imprisonments he writes, “To live is Christ, to die is gain” (Phi. 1:21). This is a classic verse and a window into Paul’s thinking. When we pursue Christ His joy grows in us more and more. Do you want to be a person of joy? I hope so. Through the book of Philippians we will see how to grow in joy. Join us this Sunday, 11am at Hyatt Place Hotel as we continue this series going through the book of Philippians and learning together how to live the life of joy!

For Your Joy,