This Sunday: You Have Power…for Mission

Last Sunday we kicked off our new message series on the Book of Acts called, “The Spirit-Powered Church.” We were challenged to refocus our lives around Jesus’ mission. Are you living on mission with Jesus? Jesus is passionate about rescuing people by seeing them come to know Him. Living on mission isn’t another thing to add to our “To-Do” list. Rather, living on mission is to happen as we go about our daily lives. It’s the belief that God has placed you where you’re at – in your job, your home, your friendship – for a purpose. It’s no accident. He primarily wants you there to do His mission.
But, if we’re honest, living on mission can be intimidating. We may feel like we don’t know what we’re doing or don’t know how to carry out His mission. If you feel like that you have help. You actually have The Helper in the Holy Spirit. Jesus has given us God’s Spirit to live in us and empower us for mission. This Sunday we’ll look at one person in Acts who was weak…until he relied on the Spirit and God used him for great things. You’ve been given power…for mission. Join us at 11am, Hyatt Place Hotel.
We’ll also be celebrating Bread and Cup this Sunday. Hope you can be there!

Thoughts on Prayer – “Prayer is the exercise of drawing on the grace of God.” – Oswald Chambers Psalm 16 is a prayer of praise to God. It recognizes our Lord as the only true God who keeps us safe, gives us what is good for us, counsels us, is always there for us, and promises that we will spend eternity with Him. This week during your devotional time, read and meditate on Psalm 16.
We want to give our church family an opportunity to pray together on a weekly basis on Sunday mornings before our worship service begins. You are invited and encouraged to come to the Hyatt Place at 10:30 to 10:45 each week and join in a time of prayer for our church. We will meet in the Kids Room.

Cap City Kid’s January – Helper’s names and lesson.
Today – Tony/Amy – Lesson 10, God Hears Hannah and Samuel
18 – Julie/Sylvia – Lesson 11, David and the Giant

Successful Grand Opening at Grandview Yard!

It’s nearly a month later and I’m still praising God for our Grand Opening service on Sunday, Nov. 9th!  We Grand Opened at our new location in Grandview Yard at the Hyatt Place Hotel.  I was so encouraged by that day!  We had a great turnout!  Nate Dixon and Cheri Myers led in worship, and Julie Miller talked about the importance of ministering to children through our Children’s Ministry – Cap City Kids. Associate Pastor Larry Totzke shared ways to connect and serve in the church, and Sylvia Totzke talked about our involvement in Global Outreach.  I started a new sermon series called “Fresh Start:  Experiencing the God of Second Chances.”  The message was from Luke 15:11-32 on  how the God of grace shows undeserved kindness and transforms the prodigals and the self-righteous people of this world.  As all are welcome to worship with us we at Cap City Grace want to be an agent of God’s grace, so people are transformed by the grace of God found in Jesus.  We had a great response from the people after the service and it was wonderful to have lunch together with many of those who attended. Thanks to all of you who made the day a success!

Grand Open 2

Grand Open 1

View photos from the day on our Facebook page.

Spread the word that we are now open at Grandview Yard.  All are welcome, Sundays at 11am, at Hyatt Place Hotel, Grandview Yard.

By His Grace,
Eric Miller
Pastor, Capital City Grace

Join Us for Our Grand Opening at Grandview Yard

We are inviting you to our Grand Opening worship service on Sunday, November 9th, 11am at the Hyatt Place Hotel at Grandview Yard. We have recently moved our worship location to Grandview Yard after starting with a few families in downtown Columbus.  We have grown with people coming from different areas of Columbus and we want to introduce ourself to you.  At our Grand Opening service you can worship through music and hear a practical message from God’s Word. On that day you’ll hear more about who we are and where we’re headed.  We hope you’ll join us whether you live at Grandview Yard or elsewhere in Columbus.

I also want you to know we are planning to grow.  We plan to grow our worship service, our children’s ministry, our worship team, add mid-week activities and ways to serve our community.  You can be a part of our growth!  Imagine being part of a church where you can grow closer to God while being used by Him to touch lives.  Come, catch the vision, and grow with us.


We’ll also be starting a new sermon series on that day called “Fresh Start,” which will talk about how God gives us grace and forgiveness when we mess up.  We’ll see together in God’s Word that His grace is bigger than our biggest mistakes.  I hope you’ll come and experience the God of second chances as we go through this series.

Hope to meet you soon,

Eric Miller, Lead Pastor

Worship Service Info:

Sundays, 11am – 12:15pm

We are in Meeting Room #1 on the first floor.  More about our worship service.

Hyatt Place Hotel at Grandview Yard

795 Yard St, Columbus, OH 43212


Free parking in the public parking garage next to the hotel.  It’s that easy!