A Year to Pray for Capital City Grace Church

Our Mission:  Pursuing Christ Together

Whether you began praying with us in January 2015 or are picking up this card later in the year we invite you to join us to pray on mission each day.

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”

– Jesus (Acts 1:8)

The above verse shows us Jesus is on mission and tells us to join Him on mission as we go about our lives.  Together as a church we are praying for our relationship with God, and for the people closest to us in our “Jerusalem,” then for new people we meet in our “Judea and Samaria”, and we then pray for those spreading the gospel “to the ends of the earth.”

Imagine what God will do, the people He will reach, and the power you experience when we keep praying!

Prayer Guide for My Week

Monday: Grow in Jesus

  • I pray my love for God grows as I hear from God through reading His Word today.
  • I will tell God what is on my heart today.

Tuesday: Go with Jesus (My Jerusalem)

  • I pray for those by name in my life who do not yet know Christ.  
  • I pray for courage to lovingly speak the gospel should the opportunity arise today.

Wednesday: Gather to Jesus

  • I pray God would give me opportunities to invite my friends/family to our worship service or church activities.

Thursday:  Meet New People (My Judea/Samaria)

  • I pray I would be open today to meet the new people God may be bring into my life.

Friday: Global Outreach (the ends of the earth)

  • I pray for these people serving in national or international outreach:
    • Larry DeArmey (School of Missiology in Chad)
    • David DeArmey (Water for Good)
    • Sylvia Totzke (Encompass World Partners)
    • Amy Paragon (Women of Grace)

Saturday: Our Worship Service

  • I pray for our worship service tomorrow that all visitors and church family would feel welcome by myself and the rest of the church family.

Sunday: Come and Worship!

11am, Hyatt Place Hotel at Grandview Yard