Join Us for Our Grand Opening at Grandview Yard

We are inviting you to our Grand Opening worship service on Sunday, November 9th, 11am at the Hyatt Place Hotel at Grandview Yard. We have recently moved our worship location to Grandview Yard after starting with a few families in downtown Columbus.  We have grown with people coming from different areas of Columbus and we want to introduce ourself to you.  At our Grand Opening service you can worship through music and hear a practical message from God’s Word. On that day you’ll hear more about who we are and where we’re headed.  We hope you’ll join us whether you live at Grandview Yard or elsewhere in Columbus.

I also want you to know we are planning to grow.  We plan to grow our worship service, our children’s ministry, our worship team, add mid-week activities and ways to serve our community.  You can be a part of our growth!  Imagine being part of a church where you can grow closer to God while being used by Him to touch lives.  Come, catch the vision, and grow with us.


We’ll also be starting a new sermon series on that day called “Fresh Start,” which will talk about how God gives us grace and forgiveness when we mess up.  We’ll see together in God’s Word that His grace is bigger than our biggest mistakes.  I hope you’ll come and experience the God of second chances as we go through this series.

Hope to meet you soon,

Eric Miller, Lead Pastor

Worship Service Info:

Sundays, 11am – 12:15pm

We are in Meeting Room #1 on the first floor.  More about our worship service.

Hyatt Place Hotel at Grandview Yard

795 Yard St, Columbus, OH 43212


Free parking in the public parking garage next to the hotel.  It’s that easy!