“If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me…” – Jesus (Mark 8:34)

“It’s all about me!” That’s a phrase popular in our culture today. It can be so easy to buy into, mainly because to focus on self is part of our nature. We want to focus on Jesus, yet we’re pulled to be selfish and live the “all-about-me” life. Then we read Jesus’ words that go against the “all-about-me” life when He says, “Deny yourself…and follow me.” Essentially Jesus is saying this is what it looks like to have a relationship with Me, “Deny yourself, carry your cross, and follow after Me.” Life is to be all about Him, not about me or you. I’m sure many of us have heard this verse before, but what does it look like in your life to deny yourself? And what does it look like to carry your cross? What does “carrying your cross” even mean? We want to be people who are daily denying ourselves and carrying our cross well. We want our lives to be all about Jesus, rather than all about ourselves. The power of selfishness in our hearts can feel so overwhelming that it can seem impossible to live a life that’s all about Jesus. Yet with Jesus’ power it’s possible to live a life all about Him, and not about self. This Sunday we’ll see from Mark 8 how we can deny ourselves and carry our cross while growing closer to Jesus. I hope you can join us Sunday, 11am at Hyatt Place Hotel.

By His Grace,

Eric Miller