To Those Who Aren’t Sure What They Believe Just Yet

To those who aren’t sure what to believe,

To put it simply: You’re welcome here.  If you’re not sure who God and Jesus are this is a place where you can take time to think about what you want to believe.  We’re not asking you to check your brain at the door.  We offer a non-judgmental atmosphere where you can investigate the faith as you hear the Word of God taught.  It’s our hope you’ll experience a welcoming community of believers and others like yourself who are discovering what they believe. We are not out to force people into a quick decision. We invite you to decide for yourself on your timetable.

To those burnt by past church experiences,

If you’ve been burnt by bad church experiences in the past, and have been away from a church family altogether, we understand. Sadly this happens to many folks. There are those at Capital City Grace who have had bad church experiences at other churches, but thankfully got back into church and found healing. They’ve since built strong friendships with fellow believers and are seeing their walk with God flourish. We are not the perfect church, because churches (all churches) are made up of imperfect people.  However, we are a healthy church.  We are a church with spiritually healthy leadership, genuine people who are real about their shortcomings, and who care about one another.  It’s said of us that people feel like family here. We hope you’ll visit us, realize you’re not alone, and re-connect with Jesus’ family – the church.