WE ARE FAMILY: Current Sunday Message Series

We Are Family.001

We at Capital City Grace consider each other family. It’s our goal to treat everyone in the church like family, because Jesus’ church is the family of God. This series is taking a look what we value at Capital City Grace. This three week series will take one Sunday to focus on one of our three values. Our values are what we aim for and celebrate as a church. Our values are:


It’s our desire to connect with people in our lives and pray for them, connect with them and gather them to Jesus, so they will have the opportunity to follow Him if they so choose.


It’s important to us to see each individual grow in their personal relationship with Jesus, as well as us as a church growing numerically seeing more and more people come to follow Jesus.


Living on mission in our daily lives.  Jesus gave believers the Great Commission to “go and make disciples” of him.  He doesn’t expect us to do this alone.  He said he will be “with us always” (Matt. 28) as we are living on mission with Him.  Therefore, we say we are going with Jesus on mission.

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