What a Relationship with God Really Looks Like

Often times we can tend to think that a godly person always has it all together – never has to cry out to God, always hears God’s voice, and always feels close to God.  Based on the Psalms this is just not true.  This summer our Sunday morning messages have been geared around the Book of Psalms. Through faith in Christ you can have a relationship with God, yet we all through different seasons in our relationship with God. We’ve had a great time learning what a relationship with God really looks like. Based on the Psalms here are a few aspects of a relationship with God:

  • You regularly feed yourself the Word of God. – Ps 1
  • You will feel like God has forgotten you. (Note: He hasn’t.) – Ps 13:1
  • You find contentment when close to Him. – Ps 23:1
  • You delight yourself in Him…even when you don’t feel like it. – Ps 37:4
  • Even when you’re close to God you may get spiritually depressed. – Ps 42:5
  • You quiet yourself before God on a regular basis. – Ps 46:10
  • You confess your sins to Him and He cleanses your heart. – Ps. 51:10
  • You tell God your “ugly thoughts,” including the resentful feelings you have towards others. – Ps 109
  • You realize more and more your life is about God, not you. – Ps. 115:1
  • You come to love the Word of God and see your need for it. – Ps 119
  • A lot of waiting on God is involved. – Ps 130

Sounds pretty real doesn’t it?  Are these true of your walk with God? These are just a few aspects of a relationship with God the Book of Psalms addresses.  Dig into the Psalms and discover more.  This Sunday we’ll continue with Psalm 130 about waiting on God and needing His forgiveness and mercy.

By His Grace,